Crespro will provide operational procedures that will ensure the longevity of the mechanical equipment and efficiency of the concierge/house keeping department.

The importance of timely maintenance programs regarding Mechanical, plumbing, cleaning and electrical support are looked at in detail in order that Crespro may provide their Clients with the optimum efficiency, consistency and longevity. This will project itself in terms of cost on all levels of the operations. At Crespro we believe that education is the forefront of this endeavor.



Crespros Recommendations will provide value, long-term quality and service. Crespro will carefully reference the contractors past work performance and compliance with regulatory authorities.


Programs & Manuals

Crespro has various operational manuals such as:

  • An Annual Planning Guide
  • Emergency Management Plan
  • WHMIS Training & Compliance
  • Training & Education for Building Employees
  • Spring & Winterization Programs
  • Board manuals and Resident manuals
  • Implementation of Government Regulations
  • Security Standing Orders
  • Orientation