Maintaining all records relating to the efficient running of the condominium, such as register of owners, mortgagees and tenants, Minute Book, bank documents, drawings, building specifications, maintenance manuals, contracts, suite files, financial and all other records defined in the Condominium Act, are maintained in accordance with Crespro’s exclusive filing systems. These records are available for viewing to registered members of the condominium.


Enforcing Rules

Your community will be supervised proactively. Crespro encourages all personnel to be vigilant in ensuring no activities on site go against the standards and bylaws of your corporation.


Timely Reporting

Every month, a comprehensive report provides the status of issues related to the condominium, including meeting minutes, items for board approval, correspondence, financial reports, building inspection, future plans. Timely board agendas and notices are all part of our duties.



We will take care of all the preparations leading up to the Annual General Meeting and Special Meetings, inclusive of Board Meetings. From the logistics of scheduling the location, to assisting in the preparation of the President’s speech, to chairing and facilitating the meetings, Crespro is there for you.


Customer Service

Crespro expects and upholds the highest standards of customer service from all our staff.

Continuous on-the-job training as well as a culture of caring, courtesy and friendliness at all times ensures that our service meets our Truth.

Providing emergency service 24 hours, 7 days a week; taking prompt and corrective action to resolve any issue concerning Residents/Owners; efficiently responding to and returning all calls, emails promptly.